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next two years i hope this group is ready to do battle with the law judge and the vehicles are going to be legal listed i want to say we disagree with the issues. there are 3 hundred and 70 madalinas coming out. i would promote 50 more single operators to be given permits some of the older drivers some of them should have gotten the mcintelligence. of the remaining madalinas i hope many of the half priced one will go out with a priority.
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you're going to have a color scheme and out of control situation >> (calling names). >> afternoon. i represent a cab company. in regards to the solution of the ma intelligence by the affiliate cabs is outlined in the proposal. those voldz lae - they can't hae driving their own car and to make sure the car is safe including parking, accident etc. they can't do the job for the
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whole color scheme. right now, i'm aware of a single operator permit that has numerous problems. they have non-standard equipment in the cars and this permit is currently under investigation with the mta. in short members of the board they have little experience in running cabs and let us do our jobs. if the lease companies should make sure all the drivers are provided with health care just like the muni companies are. we have formatted a proposal and if your willing to reduce the fees wire willing to make up the
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rest. our legal counselor is going to try to schedule an appointment with you to go over the details >> (calling names). >> coming here i was crossing the walkway to come up and a young kids were holding up the walls and this car with a mustache was waving at them he came close to hitting me i think this is an important subject. this leads me to the subject that i write an article from time to time in a small newspapers and i wrote about regulatory failure this year, the transportation industry is
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failing to regulate the taxi industry otherwise for san francisco the cabs will disappear. no, in this context mainly yellow i prepared this document i had a lot of help. we used a lot of data driven information we tested the statistical information. but we came to a different type of report. i think you should allow someone from the cab companies to present this report. you'll have a report be it the cabs the colors or the drivers to do this. i think this is a lot of good
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information and the public should hear it and you should too. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon >> i'll be brief. i would like you to know that my book is to be printed. you might see new year's that book. i came in late i don't know the doctor they call him, dr. read a report now i'd like to if they had if the doctor has the information about the nature of this industry. the first inclination of the driver in the cab is to have a job start to have a jump start they have to go to the airport.
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now if you increase the number of cabs by 1 hundred to two hundred you have to expand parking space of the cab. that will go there. otherwise they come back back and forth to the city and the driver will get mad at you are think about this and one thing more to the night time between the hours of 10 o'clock at night to 12 o'clock there is hardly a cab that goes home with a load i myself have been driven out and gone home incompetent and we're not given reimbursement for the $4 we pay for parking.
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this is not good. and one thing more i think that this parking lot tenant should not be given authority to run us out. my son was driven out of the airport because one one of his bolts was missing. >> (calling names). and those are the last two who have turned in a speaker card >> thank you for the opportunity to speak. obviously it would be as expected i support more cabs but it isn't all directed at this group here there's been regulatetry problems over the
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years. my complaint is if there hadn't think regulatory lag we wouldn't be in the situation we are now. we need more cookbooks and all the enforcement about some of the concerns about the sidecars and lifts. some of those i don't understand why the mta can't move forward while they're waiting for the puc to come forward. i'm not a lawyer i probably don't understand something that seems observe. the other thing i want to mention there was a pastor at the last meeting there was this electronic assess there's several companies out there primarily two make any sense
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once taxi magic and a fly wheels and the two apps why the mta wants to spend money to improve the business i think the money should be spend back into the system to solve a problem that was created by the predecessors but we're responding to regulatory lag and i'm not happy with this new program. >> (calling names). >> i just wanted to throw in any $0.02. enforcement, enforcement, enforcement. it seems like the sidecar and the lift is going to come to be.
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i don't know if the taxi industry is going to tank. but their picking up people their flagging cabs. they're just pulling up, rolling down their window and they're getting in their cabs and their quoting them a price. they're taking fairs away from me. they'll speed away if i flash any lights. i really want to put a pitch in for enforcement. i have erick's number i give him the make of the cars and the license plates that you he's pursuing them i want to throw
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any $0.02 in on that. i want to thank the doctor for his - nobody can agreeable that's a comprehensive report. as far as keeping the madalinas price at the 2 hundred and 50 thousand at a 3rd of two years doesn't make sense. but i'd like to an answer as far as what you can sell it for at 2 hundred thousand and that's caps. i'm a little confused on that if you could address that. just enforcement >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon san francisco cab drivers association. i feel we could use a few more
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cancer but not before cracking down on all the illegal cabs. you make us feel ridiculous when we have those mustache cabs and go ahead and operate with no reprimand or nothing same with the illegal town cars and there's not enough room to pull up and their soliciting other folks. weather app their coming up with so people can see all the taxis on one screen. you need to you hire more enforcement officers and they need to be out 24 hours. because when i'm out there
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there's nobody out there doing anything. i don't think the mta should be leaving ma intelligence or leaving them to companies. it's a major conflict of interest. so that's all i have to say for now thanks >> (calling name). >> good afternoon owner of a chairman i'm 25 years madalinas carr cab. six months i think we need madalinas now we are left r with sidecars. if we do adding madalinas
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gradual it will be too late for us to compete in the past when we didn't have so much that technology we were still able to add 5 hundred cabs at once i urge you to add 5 to 6 hundred madalinas at once and give the madalinas to the first applicant on the list for $50,000 each. the reason i say that is the sidecar they say their will be no drivers. it's going to be one cab, one shift please. whatever you decide set one price for all 5 to 6 hundred
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madalinas. those madalinas and the list will be for the drivers who deserve better deals and price. thank you. so far in general of the report is good but i wasn't part of that study i was left out by them and you, too directors. tell me otherwise to owners i just requested. anyone else? >> i see one more coming forward. >> i'd like to ask the members of this board would you take a ride from one of those shadow cab drivers if the driver was an ax murderer. people could be robbed or killed
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and this board would be responsible and this board could be potentially sued. you don't want to run that legal risk. the second thing is i have such great difficulty keeping with the legal and economical issue of the whole taxi cab problem. i am the taxi cab department of the mta should be a separate department. i find it very difficult to find out what's going on. and you're taking people's money and you don't provided health care benefits i don't think that this gentleman would take the job if it didn't have benefits so the same should apply.
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>> the public hearing is close. so members will discuss if the doctor could come forward. i thought this was a very comprehensive study and i also think the conversation this afternoon. was very ensight full. there's lots of issues in there but the one thing is the debt and at any point ail throughout this city. has anything taken any effective action to limit or change that in some way >> in the city where there's no gate fees you'll still see at any point. but it's far more - to directly
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pipe it's like a doormat the best trips those kinds of things happen. and for those who can't get any other kind of driver their smashing themselves to get exploited further by the opportunity folks. this kind of rent control and wherever you have a price control that's effective there will be pressure to get around it and we're seeing that here. and it doesn't have to be that way so we're going looking at those alternatives. >> one of the cab companies
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well at any point is all right. if that's the case it's fine but a whole lot of this doesn't strike me as voluntarily. i think we should deal with that. that takes an awful lost money out of the drivers poshths everyday. >> like madalinas holders who don't have to tip they're paying up to $7 a day. and think we got clear answers that people are paying what we don't want to pay and even those who say it's voluntarily it's okay no one likes to feel exploited. >> i'm interested in taxis
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first, as a procedural matter i think we should move the amendment as suggested there's no option to that. >> we'll recap that. >> thank you directors it would be a motion to amend the recommendation to change the whereas clause. it is the second whereas clause i'm sorry the third whereas clause and it would read that all new taxi madalinas permits should be probate a hybrid boy zealous or natural gas very long or other choices as authorized depending upon the factors as
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accessibility or fuel efficiency. >> so doctor you move that one? >> okay. we don't vote? you would vote on the amendment at this point and the other >> okay director. >> thank you very much. i too found it very helpful report and discussion on today a lot more agreement and i attribute that to the discussion. i think it's essentially agreed we're not meetings the demands of taxis in this city. that's why some speakers say some of those folks have come
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in. i think it's important to thank the folks from the business community on behalf of the thousands and tens of thousands of residents who encounter this problem. and the people we're charged with serving as so long as i've been interested in this issue we can't get a cab when we need one. the last meeting would be to centralize the application. let me just go back to that. we did actually already move ton o on this but i assume your be sure that we now we're moving toward facilitating complications that will bring
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the whole fleet both one centralized process. >> we haven't taken a full position on that yet i'll hold{on the technical side. >> whatever technical issue we're going to change our view. >> perhaps it will illustrate with a hoover story. hoover was, of course, your modeling they've got the predeposit fees >> well, we'll talk about that in a moment. >> it happens there's a lot of taxi drivers on this system but they book off on saturday. because their too
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in this legislation >> i think doctor touched on this and maybe i'll ask him to speak to why we made that recommendation. >> we felt it was important to signal the correct long intention as well as to prepare for it. when you raise the price on those things at any time hard to come down. let's say you have a successful industry. and lower is better by you've committed to two hundred and 50 and that's a 11 of property ability that people have gotten used to. so stick with that. it would mean less car
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ownership. the interaction of public transportation >> given all that you know given what's going on if we were to expand would you continue to finance those madalinas at $250,000 a pop. >> yeah. >> i know you've met many a mike phones in your life. >> i'm comfortable with that. >> yes. we've gone through the study and we share the shame concerns as many do with the other, you know, hoover lift and sidecar with what's happening on that so we would support a lower value at $250,000 and we'd
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finance that. >> you'll continue to finance then? >> yes and a thank you that's very helpful. i didn't ask you the hard question whether i'd finance at 3 hundred this is a significant revenue decrease on the agency go which something we've agreed on. i hear everybody you're saying. is the staff recommendation that we follow that and reduce to 250 despite the impacts. i feel like i'm not a party because i'm not an economist. but when doctor made the recommendation i went to the
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credit union and i learned that the $250,000 price is really very, very comfortable price. that's been working very well increase in terms of people getting quality and people feeling like there's a value in the madalinas. but i want to channel the extreme anxious on the streets among the ma intelligence holder and purchaser who think i need to get rid of this thing before the whole industry collapses. or people say i'm not sure i want to buy that or real estate. i feel uncomfortable with the taxi industry the way it's going
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>> i years ago people may have a different view of it today. but one of the brightest people saying they're happy with financing the madalinas as a value. it's my question if there are policy reasons to move it back to two hundred and 50 i'm all ears. i don't want to increase sell them either >> it's a sense of abundance of caution it's easy to go up but hard to come down again. >> i appreciate that. >> to mr. rosens question

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